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375 Fry Rd
Wooster, OH

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Thu, Aug 20th
5:30 PM US/Eastern
Lot #429

Ruger SR9C 9mm Semi Auto Pistol Serial #: 339-07419, Barrel Length: 3.5'', Box: Yes, Unfired, 2 Magazines

Lot #430

Smith & Wesson 36 38spl Double Action Revolver Serial #: J391961, Barrel Length: 3'', Box: No, w/ kydex holster

Lot #431

Remington 7600 30-06 Pump Action Rifle Serial #: B8547610, Barrel Length: 22'', Box: No, Laminated stock, Bushnell 3-9X40 scope

Lot #432

Ruger LCR 22 Mag Double Action Revolver Serial #: 548-65669 Barrel Length: 2'', Box: No, w/ Soft case

Lot #433

Smith & Wesson 520 357 Mag Double Action Revolver Serial #: N559928 Barrel Length: 6'', Box: No, Customized, Aristocrat barrel,…

Lot #434

Pedersoli Rolling Block 45-70 Single Shot Rifle Serial #: R05545, Barrel Length: 30'', Box: No, BLACK POWDER ONLY, walnut stock,…

Lot #435

Baikal/EAA IZH-43 20ga SideXSide Shotgun Serial #: 0306209B, Barrel Length: 26.5'', Box: No, walnut stock, barrel selector

Lot #436

New England Pardner SB1 .410 Single Shot Shotgun Serial #: NG457155, Barrel Length: 25.5'', Box: No, wood stock, full choke

Lot #437

WesternField M550A 12ga Pump Action Rifle Serial #: H093408, Barrel Length: 28'', Box: No, Wood stock, C-Lect choke

Lot #438

Double Defense Double Tap 45acp Derringer Pistol Serial #: DA17666, Barrel Length: 3'', Box: No,

Lot #439

High Standard Derringer 22 Mag Pistol Serial #: D95956V, Barrel Length: 3.5'', Box: No,

Lot #440

Remington 510 Targetmaster 22LR Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: None Barrel Length: 24'', Box: No, Walnut stock, single shot

Lot #441

Mossberg 42B 22LR Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: 30238, Barrel Length: 23'', Box: No, Wood stock, peep sight, 1 magazine,…

Lot #442

Japanese Type 38 .25 cal Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: 1871315, Barrel Length: 25'', Box: No, .25 cal bore, unsure…

Lot #443

Springfield 120A 22LR Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: None, Barrel Length: 24'', Box: No, wood stock, single shot, 4 power…

Lot #444

Traditions Black Powder 44 cal Single Action Revol Serial #: E60436, Barrel Length: 12'', Box: Yes, 2 cylinders, powder dispenser,…

Lot #445

Remington 700 Sendero 300 Win Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: E6891083, Barrel Length: 26in, Box: No, Synthetic Stock, Heavy Barrel,…

Lot #446

Ruger Mini-14 .223 Semi Auto Rifle Serial #: 183-88827, Barrel Length: 18in, Box: No, Wood Stock, Stainless Steel, 5rd Magazine

Lot #447

Plainfield Machine M-1 Carbine .30 cal Semi Auto R Serial #: 20829, Barrel Length: 18in, Box: No, Wood Paratrooper Stock,…

Lot #448

Romanian WASR-10 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle Serial #: AM-3532-82, Barrel Length: 16in, Box: No, Folding Butt-Stock, 1 Magazine

Lot #449

Russian M44 7.62x54R Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: EP3193, Barrel Length: 20in, Box: No, Wood Stock, Action, Bolt and Mag…

Lot #450

Swiss K31 7.5x55 Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: 599134, Barrel Length: 24in, Box: No, Full Military Stock, 1 Magazine

Lot #451

Stevens Nitro Special 12ga Single Shot Shotgun Serial #: 472, Barrel Length: 30in, Box: No, Wood Stock,NOTE: Barrel is Bulged…

Lot #452

Savage 16 22-250 Bolt Action Rifle Serial #: G239020 Barrel Length: 22in, Box: No, Synthetic Stock, Stainless Steel, Simmons 3-9x40…


Firearm & Blacksmithing Auction
Thursday, August 20 at 5:30 PM
375 Fry Rd, Wooster, OH

Firearms: Long Guns: Remington 7600, pump, 30-06; Pedersoli Rolling Block, 45-70, black powder rifle; EAA IZH-43, 20ga sidexside; New England Pardner SB1, 410 single shot; Westernfield M550A, 12ga, pump; Remington 510, 22, bolt; Mossberg 42B, 22, blot; Jap Type 38, 25cal, bolt; Springfield 120A, 22, bolt; Remington 700, 300win, bolt, w/scope; Ruger Mini 14, 223, semi-auto; Plainfield M-1, 30carb, semi-auto; Romanian WASR-10, 7.62x39, semi-auto; Russian M44, 7.62x54R, bolt; Swiss K31, 7.5x55, bolt; Stevens Nitro Special, 12ga, single shot; Savage 16, 22-250, bolt, w/ scope; Century Cetme, 308, semi-auto; Remington 870, 12ga, pump; Remington 870, 20ga, pump; Browning BAR, 270, semi-auto; Remington 3200, 12ga, over/under; Remington Woodsmaster 742, 30-06, semi-auto; Ruger American, 22TCM, bolt; Henry, 22, Lever Action 

Handguns: Ruger SR9C, 9mm, semi-auto; Smith & Wesson 36, 38spl, revolver; Ruger LCR, 22mag, revolver; Smith & Wesson 520, 357, revolver, customized; Double Defense Double Tap, 45, derringer; High Standard, 22mag, derringer; Traditions, 44cal, black powder revolver; Heritage Rough Rider, 222mag, revolver; Mauser 1934, 32acp, semi-auto; Smith & Wesson 19, 357, revolver 

Blacksmithing & Metal Working Tools: Cast iron water pot w/ stand; W.F.& J belt drive drill press; Silver Mfg. Crank drive drill press; large anvil w/ accessories; forge tongs; hammers, anvil accessories; forge; blacksmith hand crank blower; large hardy ball; melting ladles; large swage block, die set; hydraulic pipe bender; large revolving parts bin; machinist vise; Diacro bender #4 w/ stand; Hossfield bender w/ attachments; forging stand, punch press; electric pipe threader; bench vise; jack stands; metal stands; (2) band saws; arc welder, spot welder; power tools; hand tools; sand paper; grinding stones; router table; vintage miter saw 

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