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Sat, Apr 25th
10:00 AM US/Eastern
Lot #191

Serial #: 14511 Barrel Length: 30'', Box: No

Lot #192

Serial #: D-02560, Barrel Length: 22'', Box: No Synthetic stock

Lot #193

Serial #: F330925 Barrel Length: 22'', Box: No Wood Stock, Simmons 3-9X50 Scope,

Lot #194

Serial #: BA023661 Barrel Length: 22'', Box: No

Lot #195

Serial #: A1583490 Barrel Length: 22'', Box: No

Lot #196

Serial #: None Barrel Length: 28'', Box: No

Lot #197

Serial #: 388796, Box: No P-1 Post-War

Lot #198

Serial #: BBUF132 Barrel Length: 3.1'' Box: Yes Unfired, 2 mags

Lot #199

Serial #: 700-46979 Barrel Length: 20'', Box: No Walnut Stock, 4 power J.Unertl scope

Lot #200

Serial #: None, Barrel Length: 24'', Box: No Frame and barrel mismatch, model 1890 frame, model 90 barrel

Lot #201

Serial #: J-333431, Barrel Length: 22'', Box: No Wood stock, bayonet, sling

Lot #202

Serial #: 563838, Barrel Length: 24'', Box: No Walnut Stock, 1943 date on barrel

Lot #203

Serial #: 387553, Barrel Length: 14'', Box: No Tasco Red Dot, Box, Leather bandolier

Lot #204

Serial #: 88-0009635, Barrel Length: 5 1/2'', Box: No

Lot #205

Serial #: KT1202318, Barrel Length: 16'', Box: Yes 1-9 Twist, Quad Rail, Flip-up Sights, UTG Red Dot & Magnifier

Lot #206

Serial #: 313-20449 Barrel Length: 3 3/4'', Box: Yes 2-10rd Magazines

Lot #207

Serial #: 31320449, Barrel Length: 3 3/4'', Box: Yes 1 Magazine

Lot #208

Serial #: 21-42409, Barrel Length: 5 /12'', Box: Yes

Lot #209

Serial #: A-5010 Barrel Length: 4 1/2'', Box: Yes

Lot #210

Serial #: PH16548 Barrel Length: 4 1/2'', Box: Yes 2 Magazines, Manual

Lot #211

Serial #: BUB4485 Barrel Length: 6''., Box: Yes

Lot #212

Serial #: KK4912, Barrel Length: 4'', Box: Yes

Lot #213

Serial #: C25608, Barrel Length: 18'', Box: Yes 1 Magazine

Lot #214

Serial #: K009942, Barrel Length: 20'', Box: No


NEW DATE!!  Saturday, April 25th @ 10AM
Held at The RES Yard, 375 Fry Rd, Wooster, OH

ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS by appointment only.

Early Consignments:

Guns: Rifles: Savage: Model 10’s & 110’s: 30-06, wood stock, Simmons scope; 308, wood stock, 3-9 scope; 243, wood stock, Mauser scope; NRA, 22lr, full Walnut stock, peep sights; Axis, 308, synthetic stock, Weaver scope; Axis, 22-250, Center Point scope;  Charles Daily: Zastava 270 synthetic stock; Mossberg: 100 ATR, 270, synthetic stock; Remington: 7600 pump, 308, Simmons scope; 592M, 5mm, wood stock, 4X32 scope; 552 22 semi-auto Walnut stock; 788, 222Rem, wood stock, 3-9 scope; 788, 223rem, Weaver scopoe; 1918, 7.62X54, wood stock; 581, 22lr, Bushnell scope; Ruger: (3) AR-556, 5.56mm, Magpul handguard; M77-22, 22lr, Walnut stock, Unerl scope;10-22, 22lr, Simmons scope; #1, .257 Rob, Walnut stock, Nikon scope; Mini-14, 223, wood stock; Winchester: 70, 270win, Weaver scope; 1890 22 short, pump, barrel & frame mismatched; 94 Teddy Roosvelt, 30-30; SKS’s: Yugo 59/66,7.62X39, wood stock, bayonet; Yugo, 59/66, wood stock, bayonet; Norinco, 7.62X39, wood stock, bayonet; Norinco ,7.62X39, wood thumbhole stock; Norinco, 7.62X39, synthetic folding stock, bayonet; Norinco, 7.62X39, synthetic stock;  AK-47’s: Norinco 66, 7.62X39, wood thumbhole stock, bayonet; Springfield: M-1 Garand, 30-06, Walnut stock; Rock River: LAR-15, 5.56mm, quad rail, red dot & magnifier; Century: Cetme Sporter, 308; French MAS M1949-56, 308, wood stock, bayonet; Mosin Nagant, 91-30, 7.62X54, wood stock; U.S.: 30 cal M-1 Carbine; Beretta: CX4, 9mm, synthetic stock; Taurus: Circuit Judge, 22/22mag; Marlin: 9N, 9mm, semi-auto, wood stock, stainless steel; 1894CBC, 38spl, Cowboy Ed; Colt: Sporter Target, .223, Leupold scope; Henry: Golden Boy NRA Edition, 22mag, unfired; Golden Boy NRA Edition, 22lr, unfired; Big Boy, 44mag; Golden Boy, 17HMR, unfired; Uberti: M66, 38spl; Rossi: 92 SRC, 357mag; ATI: Omni-Hybrid, 5.56mm; Omni-Hybrid, 5.56mm, magnifier & red dot; Stevens: 53B, 22lr single shot, peep sights; Sears: 3T, 22lr semi, tube feed; Diamondback: DB10, 308, unfired; IWI: Galil Ace SAR, 7.62X39, unfired; Browning: BAR, 300win, walnut stock, Nikon scope; Bushmaster: XM15, 5.56mm, Leupold scope;  

Shotguns: Remington: 29, 12ga pump, Walnut stock; 10 TD, pump 12ga, Walnut stock; 10-A, 12ga pump, Walnut stock; 870 Wingmaster 12ga & 20ga, unfired new in box; 870 Wingmaster, 12ga; 1100, 12ga; 870 Wingmaster, 12ga, Ohio State Patrol; 11-87, 12ga, camo; Ithaca: 37 Featherweight, 12ga pump, Walnut stock; Oxford: 12ga side x side, Walnut stock; Val-Test: .410 single-shot, Walnut stock; Stevens: 5100, .410 sidexside, Walnut stock, double trigger; L.C. Smith: 12ga sidexside, Walnut stock, double trigger, 30’’ barrels; Mossberg: 590 Shockwave, 12ga, unfired; 500, 12ga, 20’’; Browning: Maxus Hunter, 12ga, unfired; CZ: 612 Target, 12ga, unfired; Omega: S12, 12ga, unfired; Stoeger: Coachgun, 20ga; 

Handgun: Walther: P-38, 9mm, post war; PPS M2, 9mm; Glock: 43, 9mm, unfired; T/C: Contender, 41mag, Tasco red-dot, leather bandolier; S.W.D: M-11, 9mm; Ruger: GP100, 357mag, Stainless; MrkII Comp. Target, 22lr; Wrangler, 22lr; P95, 9mm; P89. 9mm; Charger, 22lr, unfired; Single-Six, 22/22mag; SR9C, 9mm, compact; Blackhawk, 357/9mm convertible, 6.5’’; Blackhawk 357mag, 4.5’’; IWI: Baby Eagle, 9mm; Colt: Frontier Scout, 22mag; 22 Pistol, 22lr; King Cobra, 357mag; stainless steel; Diamondback, 38spl, 6’’ blued; Police Positive, 38spl, 5’’; Taurus: PT100, 40S&W; Judge, 45/410, 3’’ chamber; Beretta: (2) Neos, 22lr; 92 Brigadier, 9mm; 92FS, 9mm, stainless; Star: Ultra Star, 9mm; Intratec: AB10, 9mm; Para: Carry LDA, 45acp; Kimber: Custom 1911 NRA Edition, 45acp, w/ Silver Stag knife & Walnut display case, unfired; Smith&Wesson: 657, 41mag, stainless steel; SD9VE, 9mm, light; 637, 38spl, stainless steel; 500, 500S&W, 4’’, unfired; 36, 38spl, 3’’; 686, 357mag, 6’’; 63, 22lr, 4.25’’; 17, 22lr, 6’’; Rossi: M88, 38spl, stainless steel; M&P22C, 22lr; Hi-Standard: Supermatic Trophy, 22lr semi, very clean; Derrringer 22mag; ATI: (2) Omni Hybrid, 5.56mm, 7.5’’ barrel; FN: (2) FNS-40, 40S&W; H&K: SP5K, 9mm, like new; Browning: Buckmark, 22lr; Mauser: M2, 45acp; Kahr: CW40, 40s+w;  

Estate of Edgar F. Koller, Mark Baserman-Attonery, Probate # 2019 PB-E000210 

Shotguns: Ljutic: Spacegun, 12ga, 30’’, Walnut; Mono-Gun TC, 12ga, 32’’, Precision-Fit stock, extra 32’’ barrel; Mono-Gun T, 12ga, 32’’, Walnut, extra 34’’ barrel; Mono-Gun T, 12ga, 34’’, Adjustable stock; NCP: MachOne, 12ga, 33’’, Adjustable stock; Browning: BT-99, 12ga, 34’’, Walnut; Superposed, 12ga, 30’’, Walnut; A-5, 12ga, missing forearm; Winchester: 12 Trap, 12ga, 30’’; (2) 12, 12ga, Walnut;  Remington: (2) 31, 12ga, Walnut; H&R: Single Shot, 12ga; Lefever: Single Shot, 12ga; Stoeger: Single Shot, 12ga; Richland Arms: SidexSide, 10ga, Walnut; Rottwell: 72 Super Trap Combo, 12ga, 32’’ O/U, 34’’ single shot; Rifles: Smith Corona: 03-A3, 30-06, full stock; Stevens: 45cal Muzzleloader(needs work); Handguns: Smith&Wesson: 41, 22lr, 7.5’’; Hand Ejector, 38spl; Colt: Offical Police, 38; Police Positive, 38spl; Browning: FN, Hi-Power, 9mm; Beretta: 1934, 9mm: Pocket Pistol, 25acp; Star: 1911, 45acp(needs work); H&R: Double Action, 38; Allen’s Pat: 22lr single shot; Percussion pistol; Double barrel pistol; Misc: 12ga hulls & wads; reloading press; gun cases; knives; (2) sword; reloading dies; 1911 22lr conversion kit;    

Ag Equipment: 18’ Kewanee disc; John Deere 494A 4 row corn planter; John Deere F1450 5 bottom moldboard plow; 6’ brushhog; Pequea running gear; Lamy bale grabber; (2) new 10.00-20 tires; Hay Master accumulator; Hay Master grapple;  

Misc: knives; 1250rds of 12ga #8 shells; 450rds of 30 carbine ammo; 100 30cal bullets; 170 rds 7.62x39 ammo; gun parts; trade pipes; Horton crossbow, climbing treestand; T/C Contender barrel’s 223, 44mag, 357mag; Beretta 92 22lr conversion kit; goose & duck decoys; misc. Brass; reloading presse; gun cases, and more to come  

Accepting Consignments by appointment only.  Last day to consign in Monday, April 20th.  A 5% buyers premium added to all purchases.  Call 833-765-3737 or for terms and details.

 Our customers and clients are our top priority!! We appreciate your loyalty and remain committed to serving you and will help in any way possible!!

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